Eveready Batteries
Eveready Batteries
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Value and Variety


  • From your PSP and digital camera to your bedside radio or TV remote – a battery for every need
  • Layer Cell to Lithium – a battery for every technology

Great Price - Great Value

  • We’re not the most expensive, we’re not the cheapest
  • We’re as good or better, than our global competitors
  • We proudly offer better value

Eveready’s Everywhere

  • From the executive in Sandton to the farm worker in the Karoo

Local is Lekker

  • Because we’re local, we can quickly do what competitors would find difficult (or impossible)
  • Local is lekkerFrom speed of delivery, to pack variety
  • Fresh and full of energy

Best in Class

  • We’re passionate about quality
  • Our world-class production means top quality for you

We’re Passionate About

... and YOU!

Supporting South Africa Since 1937

Supporting SA
  • Market leaders and trusted brand for generations