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Eveready Batteries is South Africa's Dominant Battery Brand

Eveready is South Africa's dominant battery brand and provides a full range of high-quality products, including alkaline, lithium, zinc round cells, zinc layer cells and rechargeable cells.

Established in 1937, Eveready remains the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries in South Africa and has been a market leader and trusted brand for generations.

Our diverse range of products and technologies are developed and manufactured in our world-class facility in Port Elizabeth and include:

  • Eveready Platinum, which is the best alkaline battery for any consumer looking for a premium quality alkaline product that provides great value for money. It is best used in high drain flashlights, remote controls, digital clocks and battery-operated toys.
  • Eveready Platinum Plus, which is the battery for the modern consumer. It is ideal for higher drain devices and is the best battery for gaming consoles like Wii, Xbox and PlayStation as well as digital cameras.
  • Eveready Digital Lithium batteries, where you never have to miss a moment. It is the best battery for digital cameras and will allow you to take over 600 photos without having to change the battery. It is also the best battery for MP3 players and wireless peripherals.
  • Eveready powerplus GOLD, which is the South Africa’s best zinc chloride battery and provides a value alternative to the more expensive alkaline products found in stores.
  • Eveready powerplus SILVER, which is the number one battery bought in South Africa and for good reason. It is the best battery for a basic torch and for use in radios and clocks.

From your PSP and digital camera to your bedside radio or TV remote, Eveready has a wide variety of battery products to suit every need – and they’re all produced right here on South African soil.

Because we’re local, we can quickly do what competitors would find difficult, or even impossible, from the speed of delivery and battery pack variety to the supply of top-quality and great-value batteries.

Eveready takes pride in being as good as, if not better than, our global competitors and, because we’re passionate about quality, our world-class production will always ensure a high-quality product for South African consumers – from the executive in Sandton City to the farm worker in the Karoo.

At Eveready, we are passionate about our people, our product, our service, our technology… and you.

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