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The Birches Eveready Torch Walk

Date : 07 June 2018

Eveready recently donated batteries to power 150 torches as part of The Birches’ annual Torch Walk which took place on the evening of Thursday, 31 May 2018. 

Based in KwaZulu-Natal, The Birches is an international eco-school where the environment is used as a vehicle in which to teach numeracy, literacy and life skills. The Torch Walk remains a firm highlight on the school’s calendar, with this year’s walk serving as a fundraiser towards the upkeep of the school grounds.

A beautiful rainbow graced the skies just as everyone was arriving for the event, where pupils walked a number of laps around the school field in a pledge to protect the environment to the best of their abilities.

As Kenako aka ‘the shine song’ came on, each child was handed a torch to switch on and shine into the heavens.

“It was all very exciting,” said The Birches Principal, Priscilla Edmonds, who noted how bright the torches shined throughout the walk, which ended in a special certificate ceremony for all the participating children.

Since it's inception in 2004, Eveready has supported the Torch Walk on six separate occasions. 

“We are so very grateful for Eveready’s help in sponsoring the batteries,” she said. “Fundraising continues to be a huge challenge and despite this contribution being our only donation - we have managed to raise R24 000 this year!”