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Don’t forget the batteries this Christmas Season

Date : 15 November 2016

In the early hours of the morning, you hear the kids rushing down the stairs. Suddenly your bedroom door is opened and you find them all jumping on your bed, as they cannot contain their excitement. Christmas is finally here and the kids are all dying to race down to the Christmas tree to see what surprise Santa has for them this year.

Christmas morning is truly a magical, family orientated time of the year and one should embrace the happy smiles and excitement on your children’s faces, as they wait in anticipation to open up all their presents.

But what happens when those happy smiley faces open up their long-awaited Xbox or favourite singing doll to find that Santa left them with no batteries. Suddenly you find yourself searching through draws and cupboards to find any battery you could possibly get your hands on. And with no luck you find yourself heading off to the nearest grocery store.

This year Eveready wants to ensure that your Christmas morning goes off without a hitch by reminding you to wrap all your presents with a set of our Eveready batteries. This way everyone will be happy and you won’t spend your Christmas morning frantically stealing batteries from remotes or any other home devices.

Essential batteries for Christmas presents:

Eveready Platinum Batteries

For all presents that are medium draining devices such as your motorised toys, tape recorders, headphones and toy remotes we recommend you buy our Platinum batteries. These batteries are great value for money and perfect for your battery operated children’s toys.

Eveready Platinum Plus Batteries

If you’re planning on buying a digital camera, game controller, MP3 player or a CD player for you children, then Eveready’s Platinum Plus batteries are perfect for these high draining devices. This battery is perfect for your children’s Wii, Xbox and PlayStation remotes as well as digital cameras. The other great news is that it is proven to last five times longer than the Eveready zinc chloride batteries.


Save yourself the stress and enjoy your family this Christmas by remembering to buy all the batteries needed for each present. We recommend that you also stock up on all your household necessities, especially basic items like lightbulbs and batteries. You can purchase all your Eveready batteries and lighting on Takealot.com. Do it today and beat the holiday hustle and bustle.