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Learn about Different Types of Batteries

Date : 22 July 2015

Batteries can often be a complicated thing to learn and it’s not always easy recognising the difference between different types of batteries and knowing which ones will work best for your devices.


At Eveready, we love to educate our consumers about our products. Our wide range of batteries consists of different battery types that work better in certain types of devices – and we want our customers to experience the quality of our products to the fullest.


Take a look at some of the different types of batteries you get, which ones you’ll find at Eveready and the best devices for each one:


Alkaline batteries


Alkaline batteries are very popular due to their great performance and long life-span. These batteries consist of an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide instead of acid – making this battery non-toxic.


Alkaline batteries have a 1.5 voltage with a high energy density. Their performance and long life-span is what makes them so popular, but it will cost you more than your average Zinc Chloride battery.


Eveready has an Alkaline range consisting of our very popularPlatinum andPlatinum Plus batteries. These perform their best in devices such as gaming consoles, CD players, radios, flashlights and battery-operated toys.


Our Alkaline batteries have a 7 year shelf-life.


Zinc Chloride batteries


While Alkaline batteries are amongst the most popular choices, Zinc Chloride batteries sell a lot as they are priced cheaper. This dry cell battery has the same 1.5 voltage as the Alkaline, however, it doesn’t last as long.


Zinc Chloride batteries offer up to 50% more life than the ordinary Zinc Carbon batteries and they’re less prone to leaking – which is one of the features that makes Eveready’s batteries environmentally-friendly.


We have two ranges of Zinc Chloride batteries:PowerPlus Gold, which offers double the life-span of Zinc Carbon ones; andPowerPlus Silver, the number one bought battery in South Africa. These perform their best in TV remotes, clocks, basic radios, calculators and any other low draining devices.


Our Zinc Chloride batteries have a 5 year shelf-life.


Lithium batteries


Lithium batteries are different in that they have lithium metal as an anode. The anode is the electrode through which the electric current flows. Lithium batteries generally have a high life-span and are available in regular and button forms. They’re best for MP3 players and other wireless devices.


Eveready has aDigital Lithium battery range that is ideal to use in your digital camera and has the life-span equivalent to taking up to 600 photographs.


Our Lithium batteries have a 10 year shelf-life.


Rechargeable batteries


These batteries have the ability to discharge and be recharged again – some of them have these life cycles 500 times or more! While rechargeable batteries are the more expensive option, they’re a lot more worth it in the long run.


Rechargeable batteries are known to be environmentally-friendly as they are comprised of NiMH (nickel-metal hydride).


Even though these batteries recharge a few hundred times – saving you a lot of money on batteries – it’s very important to know that eventually they will die. Please always remember to recycle your batteries responsibly once they have expired.


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