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Why choose Eveready batteries

Date : 18 February 2014

We love working at Eveready – and we know you love our products… so why does Eveready rock?

We’re Positively South African

Being positive or negative is a choice. We choose to be positive!

Positive about our People. Positive about our Country. Positive about our South African Brands.

Choosing to purchase a South African brand, like Eveready, is choosing to be positive and joining our positive community!


"We have such an extensive range of products and brands – it makes my job exciting to be working across lighting, batteries and a soon to be launched, very exciting product! Variety is the spice of life and I love the challenges I face working in marketing for one of SA’s leading FMCG brands.”

Liza Bright, Brand Manager, Eveready

Best in class

"My role is all about quality and I am proud to be part of the team which delivers a high-quality product to our stores and your homes. And you agree – Eveready Batteries has 50.9% of the battery market in SA (as per Nielsens). Thank you for supporting us!”

Morne le Grange, Quality Manager, Eveready

Local is lekker

"Eveready is proudly South African and there are so many benefits of buying a local brand: they are quick to deliver in store, create local jobs and of course their battery juice is fresh and full of energy when it lands in your trolley.”"’

Warren Lloyd, Distribution Manger, Eveready

Eveready is everywhere

"From the Karoo to the bustle of Sandton, Eveready can be found everywhere! A housewife’s favourite, and relied on to listen to the news and to power torches as the sun sets - Eveready has been in homes nationwide since 1937.”

Shaun Crooks, Business Unit Manager, Eveready

Excellent customer service

"My compliments to your firm for the quick respons to my complaint.”

Valerie Coetzee an Eveready customer

We’re passionate

"We love our people and products, and we invest in our team and technology to deliver the best, and it shows. We are positive in our outlook and it flows through the corridors and our being – we’re positively South African!”

Charles du Toit, HR director, Eveready

Tell us why you think Eveready rocks…