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Eveready Powers The Way Forward

Date : 05 September 2013

Giving back to those in need has always been seen as a great initiative and has helped build a firm foundation in the company’s community. We at Eveready have been sponsoring the Birches Primary school’s Torch Walk for three years now, with torches and batteries to power their fun outing.

Birches Primary school is an eco-school based in Pinetown. The school’s focus has been on ensuring that they are environmentally self-sustained. The few initiatives that they have done to live up to the "environmentally self-sustained” image are, recycling, water harvesting, homemade solar heating and food gardening to name a few.

The Birches being a relatively small school have all of 156 children who participate in the Eveready torch walk. They also get the opportunity of inviting other family members to participate in the walk. Each child holds their own torch with an aim of getting the message across that, fun things can be done in an eco-friendly manner.

What Birches school sets out to instil in its children is seen as a positive initiative that can only result in a positive and bright future for these amazing children.