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Distributors opportunities in SA

Date : 16 October 2013

Eveready Batteries and Lighting products are market leaders, and have a host of solutions for any application. A market leader thanks to high quality manufacturing and a great price point – consumers have been supporting proudly South African Eveready, and purchasing its products for over half a century.

Consumers today want the best product in their budget. In the current economic environment, price point and quality are key which is why the Eveready products are loved nationwide and our distribution network needs to grow.

Distributor opportunities exist in KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria, Polokwane and Nelspruit for the Eveready lighting and battery ranges.

Variety and versatility

There is a variety of Eveready batteries to suit different needs, so your teens can game on their PSP uninterrupted, you can listen to the latest football results from your bedside radio and flick channels with your remote control – there is an Eveready battery for every technology.

Our lighting range also casts light in multiple ways depending on your needs, the range includes the energy efficient CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light), and now the even greener LEDs for up to 25,00 hours of light. Whether a commercial or domestic application, Eveready Lighting is a blooming in popularity and offers some exciting opportunities.

Strong and expanding distribution channels

What Eveready is particularly proud of is that its wide range of products sees its name in almost every building in the country, from the modern office block in Sandton to the rural homes of the Transkei.

Being based in Port Elizabeth means we canquicklydo what competitors find difficult, or impossible from speed of delivery to pack variety. Recent research found that, after price, ‘I buy brandsthat are easily available’ was the second decision-making trigger. This means that strongdistribution is pivotal to success in SA. Being a distributor and having the big brand support of Eveready means that distributors benefit from cutting-edge marketing and customers benefit from a wide range of products on the shelves every day.

Become part of the Eveready family and proudly sell a positively South African brand.