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Distributor opportunities within South Africa

Date : 04 June 2014

Eveready is the most purchased battery for use in the home, the work place and when you’re on the move for South Africans. And, its wide range of batteries have been manufactured and sold in South Africasince 1937 and remains the market leader.

Today’s consumers are increasingly facing anon-going financial struggle in this volatile economic environment, which is why offering a wide selection of quality, cost-effective, value-orientatedproducts is important. Eveready batteries arewell known as thevalue formoney, high-performing, trustedbrand. Our company plays a vital role in supporting the local economy and providing employment opportunities.

Eveready, SA's only battery manufacturer, has opportunities for aspiring distributors throughout South Africa in the following channels:

  • Industry
  • mining
  • camping
  • hospitality
  • photographic
  • hardware
  • baby stores

Variety and versatility

By having Eveready as part of your basket, you will be a gateway for consumers to purchase SA’s leading battery brand.

Being a dominant force in the South African battery market, Eveready has a full range of high-quality products:alkaline, lithium, zinc round cells and layer cells.

Due to the increased number of high-drain appliances in our homes and the trusted, well known name of Eveready, the Eveready range of alkaline (Platinum and Platinum Plus) and lithium products have increased market-share. This great variety of products has allowed Eveready to continue to build on our reputation for value and quality.

Strong and expanding distribution channels

Being based in South Africa means we canquicklydo what competitors would find difficult, or impossible: from speed of delivery to pack variety. Recent research found that, after price, ‘I buy brandsthat are easily available’ was the second decision-making driver. This means that strongdistribution is pivotal to success in South Africa than the rest ofAfrica. Being a distributor and havingthe big brand support of Eveready means that you will benefit from cutting-edge marketing and quick delivery and response times.

Eveready is positive about its people. Positive about its country and positive about its South African brands. Be part of our team.

Click here If you want to become part of the Eveready family and proudly distribute a powerful brand.