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Create Amazing Memories with Eveready this Summer

Date : 21 January 2016

As we enter the hottest time of the year, we want you to be able to create amazing memories to last you a lifetime!


How can Eveready play a role in this? Our long-lasting batteries are produced to give you a quality experience with your devices. Last year, we emphasised our brand’s core message by creating TV and radio adverts for 3 of our battery ranges, depicting how our customers can experience the full potential of our products.


This month, we want you to take a look at how our batteries can enhance your summer experience. For Moments That Last. Foreveready.




OurPlatinum alkaline batteries last 3 times longer than our zinc chloride batteries, giving you uninterrupted memory-making. We produce these quality batteries so that they give our clients the best option for their devices and so that they prove to be value for money.


If you’re an outdoor-type of family and frequent camping sites in the summer time, then don’t forget to pack your Platinum batteries! These will power your high-power flashlight, enabling you to stay up late telling those ghost stories around the campfire.


Summer wouldn’t be the same without some days spent lounging by the pool with some music in the background. Our Platinum batteries are ideal for powering your CD player so that you can really enjoy all day swimming, tanning and listening to endless music.


For the kids, the Platinum range is great for battery-operated toys, such as motorised car toys! If the kids want to spend their summer playing outside with their toys, then this is the battery you need.


You can watch our Platinum battery TV adverthere and you can listen to the radio adverthere.




Eveready is proud to boast a long-lastingLithium battery range which is perfect for wireless peripherals and definitely allows you to capture Moments That Last this summer!


Summer time is a time of blue skies, sunny days and weekends spent outdoors – whether it is on the beach, by the pool, on a campsite or hiking. What better way to capture these moments than with a photograph? Our Lithium batteries will power your digital camera enough for you to snap more than 600 photos without needing to change the battery once!


If you embrace the summer months with some fitness and running, then use our Lithium batteries in your MP3 Player so that you can listen to some great exercising music while running along your favourite route.


You can watch our Lithium battery TV adverthere and you can listen to the radio adverthere.


Platinum Plus


These very strong Eveready batteries are ideal for your higher drain devices, as they last 5 times longer than our zinc chloride batteries.


If you need to take refuge indoors from the January and February heat, then why not get somePlatinum Plus batteries for your Xbox or PlayStation controllers? These batteries will power your controllers for up to 50 awesome gaming adventures!


If it’s been a particularly busy summer and you’re looking to wind down a bit, many people enjoy putting on a pair of headphones – whether it’s for music or some sounds to meditate to. Our Platinum Plus batteries work perfectly for your headphones, allowing you to relax and be alone for a while for some much-needed rest.


You can watch our Platinum Plus TV adverthere and you can listen to the radio adverthere.


Eveready doesn’t only have these 3 battery products; we also have powerplus GOLD, powerplus SILVER and a Layer Cell 9V battery range. You can view the rest of our products in our product cataloguehere.