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Pick Your Passion Competition
Pick Your Passion CompetitionDate: 01 Jul 2015

Everybody has their own passion, whether it be something as extreme as sky-diving or something as relaxing as knitting or writing – we all have at least one.

Eveready Lights up The Birches Children’s Night
Eveready Lights up The Birches Children’s NightDate: 24 Jun 2015

Thursday, 11th June 2015 saw the 4th annual Eveready Torch Walk take place at The Birches Pre-primary School in Pinetown, Durban. Eveready was proud to donate 160 torches and batteries to the school for this popular annual event.

For Moments that Last…forEveready
For Moments that Last…forEvereadyDate: 03 Jun 2015

At Eveready, we have always strived to make quality products, not solely for the purpose of having quality batteries, but mainly so that our consumers get to have the best experience from using our batteries.

How to Make your Batteries Last Longer
How to Make your Batteries Last LongerDate: 07 Apr 2015

We’re all familiar with the frustration of sitting down to watch some TV and relax after a hard day’s work, only to find that your remote batteries are flat. Unfortunately, all batteries die, but with proper care and storage, the life of your batteries can be extended a lot longer.

How to Make Simple Batteries at Home
How to Make Simple Batteries at HomeDate: 06 Mar 2015

Science is a wonderful thing – and so is education. At Eveready, we love educating the public not only on our own products, but also on the battery and lighting industry itself. For years and years, schools all over South Africa have given projects to their science pupils, assigning them to make a simple battery at home.

New Year, New Batteries
New Year, New BatteriesDate: 06 Jan 2015

2015 is here; and while many of you may have some New Year’s resolutions you want to begin, we have a really easy one to recommend to you! Start the new year off by putting new batteries in each of your devices and disposing of them properly.

Share your Summer Contest
Share your Summer ContestDate: 10 Dec 2014

Summer is all about sun, laughs, holidays and creating amazing memories. This summer, we’ve decided to run a fun photo contest where we have awesome prizes up for grabs.

Cash in this Christmas with Eveready
Cash in this Christmas with EvereadyDate: 06 Nov 2014

PORT ELIZABETH – Christmas is around the corner, which is why Eveready has decided to do a giveaway for the whole month! From 7th November 2014 until 6 December 2014, we are giving away R1 000 daily via an SMS campaign with a lucky draw.

The Birches Children Shine Bright with Eveready
The Birches Children Shine Bright with EvereadyDate: 17 Sep 2014

For the third year in a row, Eveready was proud to sponsor torches for the Eveready Torch Walk at The Birches pre-primary school in the beginning of this month.

The Opposites of Attraction
The Opposites of AttractionDate: 10 Sep 2014

Many of us grow up with the knowledge that opposites attract – in life and in chemistry. In school, we learnt that positive and negative attract when it comes to batteries.

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