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Let Eveready Power Your Christmas

Date : 18 December 2015

As we start getting closer and closer to Christmas, more and more of us start feeling the excitement of giving presents, opening presents, having a Christmas feast and spending quality time with our families. However, if you’re the host of the festivities this year, it may also come with some stress as we all want our Christmas lunch and dinner to run smoothly.

Christmas comes with things to take into account; such as the kids will want to play with their toys as soon as they’re unwrapped, you’ll want your Christmas tree and outside lights to shine brightly once the summer sun sets and you’ll want to successfully cook a feast without any interruptions. But how can you achieve all of this? Let Eveready power your Christmas this year.

How Eveready is your solution this Christmas

 If you’re someone who decorates your home this time of year to make it really festive with lights and talking Santa Clauses, the investing in somepowerplus SILVER Eveready batteries is the right choice for you. This is the best for low drain devices, so it will keep your Santa saying "HO HO HO” all the way through your celebration and it will keep any battery-operated lights glowing all through the summer night while you entertain your guests.

Speaking of summer, many of us take our Christmas feasts outside during the day because we’re lucky enough to have Christmas in the middle of summer! OurPlatinum batteries are of premium quality and will power your CD player so that you can keep those carols on all day and night.

 When it comes to present-giving to the kids on Christmas day, we all know that as soon as they’re unwrapped, the children will want to play with their new toys. To save you any tears or tantrums on your fuss-free, festive day, consider wrapping some Eveready batteries with any battery-operated toys they are getting. This way, they can unwrap the toy, put in the batteries and play all day! Our Platinum range is ideal for motorised toy cars, for example; and ourpowerplus GOLD range will perfectly power any toy remote controls.

Celebrate the Festive Season without Interruptions

 Lastly, the last thing you need after all this preparation of hosting Christmas is for the power to switch off during your feast or in the middle of singing carols. While load shedding seems to be gone for now, many substations in our country still have some faults and are tripping in different suburbs every now and then.

 This is why investing in the Eveready Inverter will benefit you; and ensures that you will have smooth sailing throughout your celebrations – with no power-cut interruptions.

 The inverter will save you money in the long run, as it’s something that needs to be charged – unlike a generator that needs to run off petrol. The inverter will run your lights, TV, laptop, Wi-Fi and any other low drain device; and best of all, it is silent, so you won’t have the roaring sound of a generator interrupted your quality time spent with family! We have two packages available at reasonable prices and you can find out more information on the inverterhere.

So there you have it, four different ways that Eveready can power your Christmas this festive season. Are you using Eveready batteries this festive season? Let us know on ourFacebook page! We love hearing from our loyal customers.