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Eveready’s Battery Buying Guide

Date : 20 August 2016

As we continue to see advances in technology, our gadgets becoming even more complex and sophisticated. We are somehow comforted by the good old faithful battery, as the swapping and charging of batteries have remained unchanged.

But what has changed is the variety of choice when buying batteries. And the top performing and longer lasting quality. One might ask as to which ones are most suitable for their household appliances.

And that’s where Eveready steps in with our Battery Buying Guide. To make sure you get the most out of your Eveready batteries.

Battery Buying Guide for Eveready Batteries


Whether you need batteries for your remote controls, children’s toys, radios, clocks, digital cameras or even milk frothers. Eveready has the battery for you. Understanding the different battery specifications is important to help you select the ideal batteries for your application.

Our step by step battery buying guide will help you get the best usage out of your batteries. Not only will your appliances battery power last longer, but you will be saving yourself time and money to.

Why choose Eveready batteries?

If you’re looking for a quality brand that offers you the best on price and variety, then Eveready is the brand for you. Not only are we a proudly local South African brand since 1937, but we are also proud of the top quality customer service and products that we continue to provide our customers.

We have an extensive battery range. Ranging from alkaline batteries to zinc chloride batteries and digital lithium batteries. Ensuring there is a battery to suit all your household needs.


Most versatile household battery

Platinum (medium to high draining devices)

If you’re looking for a versatile battery for most of your household items, then Eveready’s Platinum batteriesare a must have in your home. These batteries offer you quality, while getting value for your money.

They are perfect for your children’s toys, remote controls, bathroom scales, room fresheners, electric shavers, wireless mouse and many other medium to high draining devices.

Electric Shaver

Milk Frother

Children's Toys

Air Freshner



Best Batteries for Gaming Gurus?

Platinum Plus (high draining devices)

Are you a gaming console? Then I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it can be when you have to constantly replace your PlayStation, Wii or Xbox remote with new batteries. Fortunately, Eveready has a solution for you. Our Platinum Plusbatteries were specifically designed for the modern consumer and are ideal for these high-draining devices.

Playstation Remotes




Never Miss a Picture Perfect Moment

Digital Lithium (high draining devices)

Have you ever experienced one of those picture perfect moments? Maybe your daughter’s graduation or capturing your son's first steps. Then I’m sure many can agree on the disappointment when your digital camera dies because of low battery power. Fortunately, Eveready doesn’t want you to miss another moment and with our Digital Lithium batteriesyou won’t need to. Our batteries guarantee that you will take over 600 photos before having to change your batteries.

Digital Camera




Affordable Batteries

powerplusGold, powerplusSilver and Layer Cell -9V batteries (low to medium drain devices)

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative when it comes to batteries for your remotes, calculators, digital clocks and flashlights then our Eveready powerplusGoldand powerplusSilverbatteries are a more affordable alternative for these less draining devices.

And if you’re looking for the most affordable and reliable battery for portable radios Eveready’s Layer Cell- 9Vbatteries are the solution for you. This well-known and trusted product is found across South Africa from rural communities to urban homes and workplaces.




Wall Clock

Portable Radio

Desk Light



You can find our full product offering here, for quality batteries at very competitive prices.

Support local, support Eveready. Your proudly South African brand since 1937.